The Nations Capital Sports Show

Kevin Geter

Executive Producer, Founder and Co-Host of The Nation’s Capital Sports Show 


Kevin is a true radio junkie.  He can be found tolling and burning the midnight oil in The Nation’s Capital Sports Show studio creating and editing.  “The radio bug hit me at the age of 12”, quips Kevin. “That was all she wrote in getting hooked”!  Kevin got his start in radio working at Pyramid Communications, where he went on to work for several radio stations in the DC market. Kevin currently works for Delmarva Broadcasting. Additionally,  Kevin has become an accomplished voice over artist; his body of work includes projects for The Discovery Channel, Green peace USA, the Federal government and most recently a Mountain Dew national radio spot.  Kevin's relationship with radio has been a love affair for the ages!

The Nations Capital Sports Show

Vincent Charles

Co-Founder and Co-Host of The Nation’s Capital Sports Show


Vincent’s love affair with radio began on a summer after-noon as a kid growing up in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. He would spend his days listening to Vin Sculley on the radio calling Major League Baseball games. “Vin Sculley is one of my favorite radio broadcasters.” “He kept you in the game and painted a very visual and vivid picture, Vincent says.  “It was as if I was actually at the game” recalls Vincent.  Vincent’s radio career began in college and continued with his service in the U.S Navy (Armed Forces Radio). Vincent is an avid baseball fan.  When not on-air, he enjoys watching the Nationals or engaging in a discussion about the Washington Redskins. 

The Nations Capital Sports Show

Chris Jerry

Co-Host of The Nation’s Capital Sports Show


Chris is known for his uncanny ability to remember so much about sports that his colleagues at TNCSS refer to him as “The Human Encyclopedia of Sports”.   Chris’s first job in radio was on the west coast, where he was the youngest on-air sports caster at the time (age 19). “The Program Director gave me an extensive interview dealing with sports”, beams Chris.  “And I passed with flying colors” says Chris.  Chris brought his love for all things sports to the DMV, where he’s been in radio and in TV for close to two decades.  In his career he has taught and mentored those seeking to get into broadcasting.

The Nations Capital Sports Show

Afsheen Benab

Co-Host of The Nation’s Capital Sports Show


Afsheen grew up in Saginaw, Michigan, loving all things Michigan (Football and Basketball).  However, he also loves Washington Sports and shares his sports fan allegiance with both Michigan and DC.  Afsheen has been in radio and TV for two decades (he even had a national radio show which aired on WTEM back in the late 90’s).  Afsheen is a staple of Arlington High School Sports, where he is known as “the voice”.  Afsheen has been calling sports for Arlington Independent Media (AIM) for nearly two decades and still enjoys it thoroughly. “I've never thought in my wildest imagination and dreams that I would be calling high school sports"." It surely is an honor, says Afsheen. So, chances are that if you’re a Arlington high school sports fan, you've probably seen Afsheen grace your TV screen on many of a Friday night!


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